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Cover Designers
Typography/Layout Designers


What type of person are you looking for?

We're looking for a person (or a small number of people) to assist our existing Dostoyevsky Wannabe publishing design team. You would need to know how to set up and use paragraph and character styles in Indesign, know how to use the pages panel and master pages and all that, basically to work with our existing Indesign templates (so you'd need to have access to Indesign). You'd need to know MS Word (or Open Office) and maybe Google Docs and have access to some or all and be able to format documents correctly. Essentially this is transforming the manuscripts sent to us by our writer's and formatting them ready for print.

The type of person who we are NOT looking for?

No proofreading is required (the writers do that but obviously if you catch a typo then let everyone know). You'd get appropriate credit for interior design/typography in the book and online. The skeleton of our books work to a particular template for front-matter, back-matter etc and, of course, seek to represent the work submitted to us by writers in the form in which it was intended, but within those limitations there is room for you to be creative under the art-direction of Dostoyevsky Wannabe Design.

Oh, and this is kind of obvious to us, but if you're racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or any of that then we almost certainly won't get on.

Since the role is unpaid, how much time will it take up?

Due to the fact that Dostoyevsky Wannabe publishing is zero-budget, we have to take quite a flexible approach both to what we (the founders) do and to how we work with writers. We don't go around bullshitting everyone and pretending to do things yesterday, we're realistic. We would work with typographers in the same was. We're looking to get together a small team of semi-regular people to work remotely, casually and collaboratively on this. We can be flexible up to a point but probably not to the point of vast procrastination or dealing with people who disappear for five weeks in an incommunicado fashion but still pretty flexible. For instance, if you agreed to do some work but suddenly for some reason you couldn't, or you just wanted to drop out all together, then it'd be better just to let us know (as much as possible) in advance so that we could re-schedule. There's no point you treating it like a major paid job or anything and making an excuse because it's unpaid and it isn't a job in that sense. Basically, honesty is the easiest way forward for everyone. That way we can keep things running smoothly without anyone feeling weird or bad about anything.


Please email and say hello, tell us a bit about yourself (name, where you're from, where you currently live, etc) send some links/attachments to previous work (either portfolio work done for yourself or work out there in the real world). Let us know your Facebook or Twitter or whatever. The usual things.

You don't need to pretend it's a job interview or anything because it's not a job.

Do I need to live in Manchester, UK?

No, the work is done remotely. We will keep in touch via email. We can work with anyone anywhere in the world because y'know... the internet. Interestingly we may some typesetting in other languages coming up also though.

If you are in Manchester then great, we can get a coffee from time to time.