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What type of person are you looking for?

We're looking for a person (or a small number of people) to assist our existing Dostoyevsky Wannabe publishing design team. Suitable people would need a reasonably advanced knowledge of Photoshop (to know about layers, paths, shapes, brushes, making selections, colour palettes, textures, etc) so obviously you'd need access to Photoshop. You'd also need to know the basics of print resolution and about getting work print and web ready.

The work is all unpaid (all of Dostoyevsky Wannabe is zero-budget and therefore no one makes any money - including our main designer) so this might suit either somebody who is trying to add to their design portfolio or to a designer who just likes designing book covers because they enjoy it and maybe likes the way we do things.

You'd need to be someone who could chat to the writers who we work with and who have books coming out with us (chat via email usually) and also liaise with our designers to get a sense of the kind of cover that we all collectively have in mind. We like writers to be happy about their book covers because....well, they spend a lot of time writing their books, but at the end of the day they're writers and not designers so quite often they're willing to defer to your design expertise.

What type of person are we NOT looking for?

For anyone who does get in touch, it's probably just best to be honest about what you can do. You don't need to be a Photoshop genius, we could perhaps still work with you if you're still learning some of the finer points (paths panel, shapes, etc - you can probably watch a tutorial and brush up on some of that stuff anyway) but we are looking for someone who can take work off our hands so we do need someone who pretty much knows their stuff.

This isn't really a job advert or one of those mythical things that strange career obsessed people call 'an opportunity' For us a 'job' should be paid and this isn't, so it's probably best to see it as a collaboration that could hopefully be useful for your portfolio in order to get other paid work or just see it as something that you feel like collaborating with us on. We're basically just really cool, nice people. We're not corporate weirdos, it's more of a co-operative. The secret is probably to go to corporations to get paid and to come to us to do something more enjoyable.

Oh, and this is kind of obvious to us, but if you're racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or any of that then we almost certainly won't get on.

What's in it for me? Do I get design credit?

Yeah if we're happy with your skills then we'd be happy for you to work on covers in collaboration with both our designers writers. Of course you'd then get credit within the books themselves and online.

Generally though, we do have quite a particular aesthetic and we would have to have the final tick on any cover that goes out.

So why would I want to work with Dostoyevsky Wannabe?

We're not going to do all that CV crap where we sell ourselves as the best thing in the world but suffice to say we're doing ok. We publish books from writers internationally and we've recently been nominated for the Republic of Consciousness Prize (see article in the Guardian here).

Is it just book covers?

Mostly it's book covers but potentially also poster/flyer design for online things from time to time. We're pretty much a co-operative so if you have any ideas of you own to run by us that we think fits with what we do then we'd listen.

Since the role is unpaid, how much time would it take up?

Due to the fact that Dostoyevsky Wannabe is zero-budget, we have to take quite a flexible approach both to what we (the founders) do and to how we work with writers. We don't go around bullshitting everyone and pretending to do things yesterday, we're realistic. This would be the same for how we'd work with designers. We're maybe looking for 1-3 people to work casually and collaboratively on this and we can be flexible up to a point but probably not to the point of vast procrastination or dealing with people who disappear for five weeks in an incommunicado fashion but still pretty flexible. We can be flexible up to a point but probably not to the point of vast procrastination or dealing with people who disappear for five weeks in an incommunicado fashion but still pretty flexible. For instance, if you agreed to do some work but suddenly for some reason you couldn't, or you just wanted to drop out all together, then it'd be better just to let us know (as much as possible) in advance so that we could re-schedule. There's no point you treating it like a major paid job or making an excuse because it's unpaid and it isn't a job in that sense. Basically, honesty is the easiest way forward for everyone. That way we can keep things running smoothly without anyone feeling weird or bad about anything. However we do try and stick as close as possible to release dates of books based on what we've agreed with writers.



Please email and say hello, tell us a bit about yourself (name, where you're from, where you currently live, etc) send some links/attachments to previous work (either portfolio work done for yourself or work out there in the real world), tell us what you can and can't do in Photoshop. Let us know your Facebook or Twitter or whatever. The usual things.

You don't need to pretend it's a job interview or anything because it's not a job.

Do I need to live in Manchester, UK?

No, the work is done remotely. We will keep in touch via email. We can work with anyone anywhere in the world because y'know... the internet. Sadly, we're uselessly monoglot and only speak English.

If you are in Manchester then great, we can get a coffee from time to time.