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Colin Herd's You Name It, one of the many books that we published in 2019.


PLEASE NOTE (AMENDED 29th SEPT 2021): Apologies to the people who were looking to submit fiction or poetry to us but for a mixture of reasons, we will not now be opening submissions in August 2021 and will in fact be pausing any further consideration of submissions until we have gotten our backlog of soon to be published books under control

Having audited the books that we already have lined up and having considered them in line with our new emphasis on publishing fewer books, we find that we are already over-committed. For this reason, it would not make sense to consider new publications during this period. We also see a need to re-think our submissions process for the future so we will be taking this time to do that.

Please visit the links below to get info and updates about any books that you may have already submitted.