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The Book

Queen Mob's Teahouse: Teh Book is a collaboration between Queen Mob's and Dostoyevsky Wannabe. 

So they gave us an impossible deadline, and then they gave us another (and in the end they had to finish off the cover-design, typesetting, contents page, and bios off themselves), but what they mostly gave us was all of the hyperactive, pizza-driven, jajajajaja (is that how it goes?) energy that we've come to know and love from Queen Mob's Teahouse. 
Vikki and Rich, Dostoyevsky Wannabe

This collection of poetry, prose and cartoons is as various and lively as its forms. The work gathered here is often topical, politically charged, sexy and funny. If you enjoy Queen Mob’s antically cerebral and easy-going style, as I do, this most definitely is a book for you.
Erin Belieu, author of Slant Six (Copper Canyon Press) and co-founder of VIDA: Women In Literary Arts

Everyone has come for tea! Poets, robots, literary critics, essayists, philosophers and clouds, beamed in from around the world to think about a new order and remind you that literature really is the cure for what ails you. A humane and diverse collection of voices getting to grips with their human condition, and yours, and the end of the world, too. 
Octavia Bright, co-host of Literary Friction

Read this book at night before going to bed and have the Queen visit your dreams! The invasion of the American $ riding on $ tracks to your $ nightmares! Some of the best living writers will be showing you the real world like only the best poets can do! You will want a few extra copies for friends, trust me!
CAConrad, author of While Standing in Line for Death (Wave Books)

There couldn’t be a more exciting book, or not one containing mostly words, or not for people who want their wordage talent-flushed and electrifying. Teh Book is extra proof that Queen Mob’s Teahouse is the crux of almost everything that’s literary and/or happening.
Dennis Cooper, author of The George Miles Cycle

Reality, sense, puns, honesty, beguiling leads, care, self-interviews, Voight-Kampff tests, discovery. Mankind plateau. Since the word ‘President’ has become an insult worldwide, collections of illuminati writers have become fundamental to survival. Reason being Queen Mob's Teahouse: Teh Book IS radical. It's truth. Mankind plateau.
Alberto Motta, editor of Rivista Letteraria

Nice collection of words you got here. Solicit me next time.
Alexandra Naughton, author of Rapid Transit (Nomadic Press)

One of the most irreverent online literary platforms finds its way into print through this multiform catalogue of cross-generational manias, woes and dreams. An anthology that is to vaping what a bebop album is to pipe-smoking.
Fernando Sdrigotti, co-author of Grey Tropic (Dostoyevsky Wannabe)

 In Queen Mob’s first foray outside of the cancellation station, she brings us the best of her tea parties – a boozy radish, planned meals, a big ol’ Nothingburger, dogs, a large amount of chocolate and a small amount of ibuprofen, fruit that picks itself, canned human string beans, hotdogs cut into the shapes of octopi, damnable bugs, hot Cheetos, crumbs of the sun, skin, hard biscuits, a splash of coke, a KFC family dinner, sugar, salt, lutefisk, a layer cake, eggs, water, Jell-O shots, dumplings, breast milk, mushrooms,  a black dragon roll, orange juice from a juice box, calming beer, LSD while sober, po’boys and other delights. What lucky pots in which we may dip our ladyfingers before we pull trig! Anyway, what are you bringing? 
Kim Vodicka, author of Psychic Privates (White Stag)

A synapse-fizzing, enjoyably eclectic lucky dip of criticism and creativity
Laura Waddell, publisher and writer

Like any worthwhile assortment of prepared meats, this collection presents a hearty alternative to mainstream publishing. This book positively trembles with the boundless possibilities of writers set free from the oppressive restrictions of the literary establishment and the industry conventions that are so relentlessly driving literature to an untimely aesthetic oblivion.
Natalie Zeldner, publisher of 99 Practical Methods of Utilizing Boiled Beef (Cow Eye Press)

Guest Editor, Contributors

Queen Mob's Teahouse: Teh Book was edited by Russell Bennetts and features work by the following authors. 

Setsuko Adachi, Rion Amilcar Scott, Russell Bennetts, Gem Blackthorn, Robert Boucheron, M. Soledad Caballero, Caroline Cabrera, S Cearley, Dorothy Chan, Trinie Dalton, Dana Dawud, Amanda Earl, Icess Fernandez Rojas, Jeremy Fernando, Claire Rudy Foster, SJ Fowler, Patricia Garcia, Mark Gluth, Eloise Grills, Allison Grimaldi-Donahue, Brinda Gulati, Judson Hamilton, Susan Harlan, Heather Hughes, Erik Kennedy, Naveen Kishore, Rauan Klassnik, Virginia Konchan, Keith Kopka, Nate Lippens, Reb Livingston, Marissa Maciel, Scott Manley Hadley, rob mclennan, Jasminne Mendez, Lupe Mendez, Calliope Michail, Thomas Molander, Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton, Jason Novak, Emily O’Neill, Elizabeth Onusko, Robyn Maree Pickens, Whiskey Radish, Colin Raff, Reyes Ramirez, Christina M. Rau, Raquel Salas Rivera, Vlad Savich, Michael J Seidlinger, Medha Singh, George Szirtes, Eileen R. Tabios, Chris Tse, Leah Umansky, Nadia de Vries and Kimmy Walters. 

Cover design and finishing touches on the typesetting by Shuwei Bennetts and Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Cover photo of Julia Frakes by Kathryn LeSoine. 

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