Over In and Under
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The Book

Considering the processes of speaking, writing, reading, and remembering, through the lens of post-traumatic language, Over, In, and Under moves between fiction, prose-poem, script, and essay. Freud is psychotically mistranslated; Lacan is refigured as an auto-fictional and hallucinatory framing of ‘city’; screenwriting and Twitter pornography are brought to bear on silence; and the forgetting of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein prompts the consideration of the monstrous self.

"Emma Bolland can be charged and found guilty of walking through a number of the psychological classics while female. These hybrid-texts have carried me into some of the chasms of hilarity and terror over which the cultural artefacts they address are precariously suspended."
Joanna Walsh, author of Hotel and Break.up

The Author

Emma Bolland is an artist, writer, and occasional musician, who works with moving image, performance, expanded translation, screenwriting, and experimental literatures.

120 pages
ISBN: 978-1792687137
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches
Cat No: DW-740