The Book

As fractured as its comprehensive index, Public Dick Punk '83 is a poetry/something book in five-parts that mumbles its way through everything from Communism and clever plastic surgery to rare groove and residual religious sentiment via Michelle Williams and Husker Du. It's probably the literary sensation of the year every year. This is a book that fails to redefine itself to cope with the twenty-first century. This isn't a moving memoir nor is it an exhilarating debut. In pop music terms, think The Fall or Guided by Voices recorded on audio tape and played through the poor sound quality of a cheap speaker-dock.

The Author

Richard Brammer was born in England in 1975. He wrote a lot of books and then he wrote no more books.

Pages: 114
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch
ISBN: 978-1508589747
Cat No: DW-001-5
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals
Publishing Model: Classic