The Book

I want to thank everybody who made this book possible, especially Mark Kozelek. Without his obsessive output this literally would have never crossed my mind. There is something uniquely liberating and hilarious about a guy literally describing every single thing that has happened to him at every given moment. By opting for such a stream of consciousness style, he inadvertently touches upon a unique normcore kind of humor. Lately when I listen to his work both under his Sun Kil Moon moniker and his real name, I get a sense of a person who literally wonders about everything. His work recalls Nick Baker’s “At the Mezzanine” if Nick Baker ever managed to get an entire band together.

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Pages: 76
Dimensions: 5 x 8
ISBN: 978-1086373431
Cat No: DW-001-46
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals
Publishing Model: Classic

The Author

Beach Sloth is best known as Beach Sloth.


Beach Sloth’s poetry is like if Andy Warhol wrote really banal but somehow profound poetry that crawled under your skin & tickled your brain & made you want to document every moment of your stupid life because he makes it seem weirdly glamorous & special— iconic. This collection is a surreal experimental journey into the psyche of Mark Kozelek of slowcore/sadcore 90’s band, Red House Painters. Beach Sloth takes you inside in a way that makes you wonder about all the people you might have been in alternate realities, and more importantly, how you would be seeing the world through their eyes, creating a strange absurdist dissonance with your own perception as you read the collection. Mark Kozelek is Beach Sloth in another dimension & Beach Sloth is Mark Kozelek in this one, 10/10 (would read to my future children that I’m probably not gonna have). 
—Leza Cantoral, author of Cartoons in the Suicide Forest & Trash Panda