The Book

The Author/Editor

This book was edited by Russell Bennetts and starring in its pages are:

Hawa Allan, Melissa Benn, Russell Bennetts, Daniel Bosch, Shane Jesse Christmass, Andrea Cohen, Eli S. Evans, Jeremy Fernando, Drew Gardner, Gregory Giles, Amy Glynn, Jack Hanson, j/j hastain, Juliet Jacques, Matthew Jakubowski, Kirsten Kaschock, Lital Khaikin, Jennifer L. Knox, E. J. Koh, Janice Lee, Eric D. Lehman, Joe Linker, Nyla Matuk, Sharon Mesmer, Teresa K. Miller, Astra Papachristodoulou, Marsha Pomerantz, Robin Richardson, Sumana Roy’s, Legacy Russell, Michael Schmidt, Jessica Sequeira, Ed Simon, Scherezade Siobhan, Justin Erik Halldór Smith, Maggie Smith, Joseph Spece, Laurie Stone, Melissa Studdard, Elias Tezapsidis and Eley Williams.

Cover design and finishing touches on the typesetting by Shuwei Bennetts and Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Cover photo of Julia Frakes by Kathryn LeSoine. 

Pages: 402
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch
ISBN: 978-1090402660
Cat No: DW-001-42
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals
Publishing Model: Collaborative