The Book

Nadia de Vries' second book of poetry for Dostoyevsky Wannabe. 

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Pages: 60
Dimensions: B Format
ISBN: 9798516193279
Cat No: DW-001-99
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals
Publishing Model: Classic

The Author

Nadia de Vries lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her first collection, Dark Hour, was published in 2018.


I Failed to Swoon fails to swoon; it relays; it blurts; like someone breaking bad news to you, but about themselves and with no bedside manner, who then moves to sit somewhere else while maintaining eye contact; Nadia de Vries is a poet of barbed brevity, brutal idiom, figgety desire and delicious deadpan, like fresh white spit on a patent leather shoe; what can you do but hold up your fist of horns and believe her entirely?
Jack Underwood

With aphorism, deep pith, and humor, Nadia de Vries delivers her sly lines and contrarian point of view with great force, making an uncomfortable music. I Failed to Swoon keeps it real. It has menace. This is a really fun book. 
Peter Gizzi