Dostoyevsky Wannabe Lo-Fi Ebooks

There are a few Dostoyevsky Wannabe social-distancing/self-isolating (non-)essential supplies on the way.

What to do whilst NOT setting much of a foot outside during the COVID outbreak. How can we help?

Covid-19 Stuff

First of all, it feels a bit weird making this 'statement' as we just publish books at Dostoyevsky Wannabe so we're not so important but we felt we'd do our bit without going on about it too much.

Nowadays, only one of the two main Dostoyevsky Wannabe people (in their day job) is a key worker (it used to be both of us when we started out) and we're both able to work from home so not having to get out and about too much. That said, we are largely down to being one pair of hands and so remain really busy. Of course, lots of people are out there being very busy at the moment doing important work and we're mindful that not everyone is stuck in twiddling their thumbs but for those who are we thought we'd try and go to our back catalogue to put a few lo-fi e-books together for people to read. Nothing fancy, just converted PDFs, so they won't be screen-reader compatible or anything. We're starting to do this next week and will announce them as they come through. Dostoyevsky Wannabe print books remain largely available anyway but e-books are quickly downloadable without delivery of course.

Due to time restrictions, we're just going to cherry pick a few books that appeared via our Option 2 arrangement so if we can ask authors NOT to get in touch to ask if their book will be included then that would be cool. We're just doing what we can, when we can. If any Option 1 authors want to do similar then they're welcome to and it's easy enough to find out how to convert a PDF via checking for instructions on Google.

We thought we'd price them inexpensively at £2.50 because they're only lo-fi PDFs and because our print books are so expensive! Beyond buying from us, hopefully everyone who is financially able is doing what they can to support their favourite record shops, book shops, and indie presses during this strange and difficult time.

Thanks and let's hope everyone stays safe and realises that social-distancing or, if you're unlucky enough, for a brief period, self-isolation is an important thing to get your head around (or at least it looks that way to us, we're no experts though).