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"Tobi was walking by a coffee shop and someone said she was “the girl from the Go Team.” It was the first time I realized I could maybe make music too, ’cause there she was just walking down the street."
Kathleen Hanna

"Anyway, so this dream I just had was just like that, except instead of anything bizarre going on, I mean, there was just nothing going on at all. Man. It was like the Omega Man. It was just nobody around. I was just traveling around, you know, staring out the windows of buses, and trains, and cars. When I was at home, I was like flipping through the TV stations endlessly. Reading. How dreams do you have when you read in a dream, you know?"
Should have stayed at bus station, Slacker

"It was easy, it was cheap - go and do it"
The Desperate Bicylces