Do Something

Design involves arranging materials in various ways for various reasons and that involves 'Doing' things.

A lo-fidelity wireframe.

The 'Doing' section is our attempt at putting out our own online design tutorials in our own particular style to convey the broad sense of design that we have discussed elsewhere. 

There will be beginner tutorials, intermediate tutorials and advanced tutorials in a range of design subjects. Anybody who practices any form of design in the 21st century likely finds themselves in the strange alternative universe of web tutorials (often video-based, sometimes image and text) from time to time but often these tutorials are presented by people who stay very much within their own sub-disciplines. Our own alternative take on tutorials will seek to find some of the cross-overs between the different types and modalities of design in the broadest sense and to do so in a way that might draw the interest of a more general reader at the same time as being functional for people engaging in practice.

Finally, our tutorials will sometimes try and display a certain kind of indie/DIY sensibility aimed less at the jobs and career sector and more at the person who wants to do it for themselves. This is not to say that these tutorials will be of zero use to somebody looking to get a job/start a new career. Saleable skills are saleable skills whether they emerge from DIY practice or not, it just depends how people who acquire them choose to find ways to sell them (which is an entirely different question altogether).