Hey listen!

Listening to some things is good sometimes.

Dieter Rams audio system that he designed for Braun in the mid-20th century.

The 'Listening' section houses a 'mix-series' (hosted on Mixcloud) that will no doubt involve Kathleen Kathleen and Kathleen Kathleen (Dostoyevsky Wannabe's Invisible Djs) from time to time. This will involve continuous mixes of music of an hour or so. It also involves a themed 'mixtape series' (hosted on Spotify) which you can shuffle and listen to in whatever order you like. Both will sometimes be open to guest-mixtapes and mixes. 

Listening will also be home to interviews with bands or musicians on occasion and occasionally beyond music to talk about sound and sound-design more generally. Feel free to listen or not, that bit is absolutely your own choice isn't it.