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Vitamins and Minerals: Maria Sledmere and Rhian Williams

The editors of forthcoming anthology 'the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene' give us their health tips.

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Vitamins and Minerals: Marcus Slease

With the release of his novel 'Never Mind The Beasts' Marcus Slease gives us his health tips.

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General Mathematic Mix Series

Ahead of The Orielles Manchester gig tonight, Hot Singles Club provide the first mix for our new General Mathematics mix-series.

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Can you noodle a synth?

Dostoyevsky Wannabe's love-affair with Glasgow continues unabated as we talk to Spam Zine about all things vaporwave, post-internet, forming a co-op to sell poetry from a tin and erm...noodling synths.

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Dostoyevsky Wannabe Meets Dostoyevsky Wannabe

Ahead of a screening of the movie Slacker at Manchester music venue Yes, we thought we'd re-post an interview from a couple of years ago that we conducted with Brecht Andersch the actor who played the original Dostoyevsky Wannabe in the movie. Brecht talks about the music and film-making scenes in late 80s-early 90s Austin, Texas and there's also a mention of the sadly recently departed Daniel Johnston alongside many more stories of the film itself and the collective of people who were involved.

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How can we strategize DIY undergrounds forever?

The story of Puncture magazine (1982-2000) on the re-publication of its first six issues. Dostoyevsky Wannabe spoke to Patty Stirling, J. Neo Marvin and Steve Connell about the early days of the magazine and about the changing landscape of DIY culture.

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"My Friends and I lived in an all-analog world..."

Materials talk to Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Damon and Naomi) about his recent book Ways of Hearing.

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Mixtape: The Judy

Judy is a surfer. Judy is a punk. Judy is a teenage rebel. Judy is your best friend. Judy is your girlfriend. Judy is the future.

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Some pea soup, a bread roll, and just enough creative spark...

Interview with Tom Johnson founder of our new favourite music magazine GoldFlakePaint.