Love Bites
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The Book

Fiction inspired by Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks, Love Bites is a collection of solicited and unsolicited work published online and offline at Dostoyevsky Wannabe and 3:AM Magazine

In the first part, the editors approched a range of writers and asked them to respond to particular songs by Buzzcocks and Pete Shelley with a work of short-fiction/prose. Please see below for details of the second part of the book, the open submission. 

Open Submission

For sale: Spiral Scratch 7-inch single. One careful owner.

Inspired by the immediacy and brevity of the 3-minute pop song, the one-note guitar solo, and in keeping with the book's theme, please send us your flash-fiction (150-500 words). The editors will choose 25-35 of what they consider to be the best submissions for publication in either the book itself or on 3:AM Magazine

Please send your submission and a short bio to:

Closing Date: 31st Jan 2019

Important Note: Please DO NOT use Pete Shelley or Buzzcocks lyrics in your submission, this is a zero-budget operation and we can't go paying vast sums of money to music publishers. 

Guest Editor, Contributors

Love Bites is guest-edited by Andrew Gallix, TomoƩ Hill, C.D.Rose and features:

Contributors to follow.

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