Lou Ham: Racing Anthropocene Statements
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The Book

These statements were initially created from texts of radio transcripts between a multi-millionaire, tax-evading racing driver and his Mercedes pit crew during the F1 season of 2015-16, and an article by Mike Hulme: Why we disagree about climate change (Carbon Yearbook). The texts were then processed by various digital means (Markov Text Generator & the Oulipean N+7 Machine, via The Spoonbill generator) and then cut-up and edited. 

The Author

Paul Hawkins is a poet, text artist, performer & collaborator sometimes known as bob modem &/or haul pawkins | they studied the art of sleeping standing up & drinking lying down with nearly disastrous consequences | they've written a number of books, some collaborative, some not | they co-run Hesterglock Press with partner-in-crime Sarer Scotthorne | find out more at www.hesterglock.net

170 pages
ISBN: 978-1986201964
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch
Cat No: DW-400


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