Dostoyevsky Wannabe X


In recent years, people have been asking us if we publish chapbooks and we've had to turn them down because well...we didn't publish chapbooks because we didn't have the time. We wanted to though so we found a way (sort of). We have a small imprint for it.

It's called Dostoyevsky Wannabe X

All Dostoyevsky Wannabe X books have the same cover image (just different colours) featuring an X-ray image. The term X-Ray (noun) dates from 1896 and is a translation of German X-strahlen, from X, the algebraic symbol for an unknown quantity, + Strahl (plural Strahlen) meaning "beam, ray."

Chapbooks can be a try-out. They can be a sketch. Something you haven't quite worked out. An unknown quantity. Something put together quickly. Something immediate. A 3-minute pop song. They're short. They're inexpensive. That's Dostoyevsky Wannabe X.