Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities


Tired of just living as a virtual presence? Want to go out for the night in your home city and see people read innovative literature? We want that sometimes. Virtual is fine but getting off the internet is cool also. Nowadays you can go out and still be on the internet anyway (we've heard).

We're Dostoyevsky Wannabe but anyone can be a Dostoyevsky Wannabe too. There are Dostoyevsky Wannabes everywhere, there always have been. They aren't all the same, they're very diverse.

Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities is an occasional chapbook plus collaborative reading series where we solicit submissions from writers based in a particular city and then get together a very small chapbook and partner with a local poetry/literary promoter to put on a reading of the work.

Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities works in association with minor literature[s] and with an ever-changing array of literary event promoters and literature magazines in different cities around the world.