Dostoyevsky Wannabe Future Classics

A selection of upcoming Dostoyevsky Wannabe titles that haven't quite made it fully onto our website yet.

Which Dostoyevsky Wannabe Future Classics are due to come around the bend for the rest of 2019-2020?

Poetry and poetry-like

Maria Sledmere is taking over as poetry editor for much of this reading period but some of these book were decided before she took up the role so it will be necessary to divide this list into pre-Maria titles and post-Maria titles.


Mark's my Friend by Beach Sloth (2019)

You Name It by Colin Herd (2019)

I Will Show You The Life of The Mind by SJ Fowler (2020)

Vantablack by Lee Rourke (2020)


Well we're not sure yet as she's only just put the call out so watch this space. To everybody who has submitted poetry in this window, your subs have been passed over to Maria but we're taking a look too.

Fiction, short-stories and fiction-like

Tired People Seeing America by Claire Hopple (2019)

The Wood Pigeons by James Davies (2019)

Pete's Underpants by Bertie Marshall (2019)

Never Mind the Beasts (provisional title) by Marcus Slease (2020)

Cities Books

We can't really commit to a list of these as it's a changing situation so please just watch out for news of these as and when.

Others, bits and pieces

If we've talked about a work of fiction with anybody and we've tentatively expressed interest but we haven't seen the manuscript, your book isn't listed here because we can't do that anymore, sorry. Please feel free to submit in the normal way though, when you're ready, and we'll read and consider.

If we've made headway on a book but then you've disappeared for whatever reason (which is fine, people vanish for all kinds of reasons, life gets in the way) then your book might not be listed here and you can probably consider it either on-hold or not-happening according to how long it has been since you were last in communication with us about it.