Formatting Guidelines

Please read the information below carefully.

How to format your manuscript

General Info

Once we have agreed to publish your book or once the editors for an anthology have agreed to publish your work, it will be your job to go away and prepare the final manuscript for delivery by the due date (we, or in the case of anthologies, the anthology editors, will agree this date with you once we have accepted your submission).

Important Note:
We're afraid that failure to respect these guidelines at the delivery of manuscript stage will result in the manuscript being returned to you and may lead to the book being delayed and could, in the case of single-authored book at least, potentially lead to us no longer being able to publish the book. The instructions are clear and simple enough. In the past, we have been able to work with most manuscript formatting but from 2020 we will no longer be able to do that. It may seem overly pedantic of us to insist on the types of formatting and file types that we can and can't work with but we are a very small press and we do not have the resources to continue working with manuscripts that do not comply with them.

For those who wish to exercise fine-grained control over their final work, we have tried to keep the formatting simple and have, where possible, attempted to provide a template for more experimental writing or poetry where the author might wish to match their line-breaks to our margins.

Depending on what type of writing you are sending for your final manuscript, please carefully follow the guidelines by following the links above.