The Book

Over the course of a single year, Houghton would send Jaeckle three photographs a month from his archive; Jaeckle would respond with an accompanying prose-work for each image. At the year’s end, the resulting collection would cover twelve months, comprising 36 images and 36 reactions, and express itself as a roll of film in the abstract. A contact sheet spoilt by written interventions; an index of distractions and elaborations; an array of materials that pictures a false or disrupted communication as ideas are exchanged and images developed over the course of a calendar year. From the onset of the project to its end, Jaeckle and Houghton never met in person—this exchange of materials was their only means of communication—and thus, this collaboration is a form of conversation twelve-months wide and three-hundred-and-sixty-five days long.

The Author

Hoagy Houghton is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. His artwork is autobiographical, drawing on observations of the melancholy and humour in everyday life.

Dominic J. Jaeckle is a writer, editor and broadcaster. Jaeckle co-curates and collates the irregular magazine Hotel ( and its adjacent projects, and runs a minor publisher, Tenement Press (

Ana Baliza (38.7223° N, 9.1393° W), skilled in the practice of transhumance, is a herder of paper, ink, glue and fortitude.

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