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Dostoyevsky Wannabe goes to Manchester

Cat No: DW-413
Plant, Dantzic Street, Manchester
Saturday 28th July 2018

Event Type: Relaxed afternoon book and arts fair thing
Cities Guest Editor[s] (Manchester): Thom Cuell


In trying NOT to put on some kind of posh, spoon tapping on wine glass type of conventional literary event, we almost went too far the other way and started to enthusiastically plan a rave before realising we felt slightly too old for such things (only just - maybe next time!). 

Instead we chose to make it a relaxed summer afternoon type of affair, something collaborative and open to all. No readings but we've invited other Manchester-based independent presses, art collectives, etc) to have stalls at the event alongside a stall selling two new Dostoyevsky Wannabe books.

The whole Dostoyevsky Wannabe thing is something that is often fairly virtual and so this is an attempt to do something in real life. We hope that any writers involved with the Dostoyevsky Wannabe books on offer will come and say hello alongside anyone else interested in coming down for the afternoon, buying a coffee or a beer whilst browsing a few stalls and buying a few things. Oh and Dostoyevsky Wannabe book trailers will be playing on a loop in Plant's small cinema space if we can figure out how to do it so you can just come and stare at those in a strange and mesmerised trance if you feel like it.

The event will feature the low-key soft-launches of two Manchester-related books by Dostoyevsky Wannabe (i.e they'll be on sale - no spoons tapping on wine glasses allowed remember). The first of these is Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities: Manchester, a small anthology of work by current Manchester writers guest-edited by Thom Cuell of Dodo Ink and minor literature[s]

The second is The Acts, an experimental text co-authored by Manchester-based writers Steven Hanson and Richard Barrett (check our site soon for more info on that one). 

Alongside our own stall, there'll be a stall run by London-Manchester publisher Dodo Ink and Manchester-based arts collective Generic Greeting will be there too selling zines (illustration and some poetry), alongside t-shirts and maybe some cassettes as well as books from if p then q, Knives, Forks and Spoons, zimZalla.

Oh and the Pilcrow pub is available 12 seconds away should anyone feel like staying out after 6pm (woah!).

For more info please drop us a line at:


Location Details/Address:

Plant is an open-design studio on the outskirts of the Northern Quarter in Shudehill (far enough away to prevent stag parties and hen nights from being able to easily find it).

Drinks: Yes. Coffee or beer from nearby Runaway brewery both available to buy from Plant.
Food: Nah, don't think so. Unless anyone comes up with something.