DW Cities - Info for Writers

This is info for writers who have contributed or are thinking of contributing a piece to a particular Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities anthology.

Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities is a huge collaborative effort on a zero-budget basis. Dostoyevsky Wannabe sell the books at cost price and thus don't get paid for their typesetting efforts (professional market value around £4.10 per page) or cover design (professional market value around £600 per cover), writers contribute for no fee, and guest-editors get it together for free also. With that in mind, we feel it will be easiet to arrange the thing as straightforwardly as possible to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. See below for a few pointers and submission guidelines.

Contributor Copies

This is an issue that the guest-editors should address upfront but it can be a little delicate so we want to state it clearly here. The whole Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities project is, as already discussed, TOTALLY ZERO-BUDGET and, for everyone involved, it really is a question of getting these books out for the love of it so here zero-budget also means there is no budget to send out free contributor copies. It simply wouldn't scale to do so and we try and mitigate against this by providing the book through print on demand at a very inexpensive cost print on demand price so that writers, guest-editors and Dostoyevsky Wannabe can afford to pick up a physical copy should they wish.

The only caveat to that is that these costs will obviously differ according to how many pages in the book (it varies from city to city). Also people in the USA and Europe should not be hit by crazed postage and packing prices but outside of those territories then they might be (global economics is kind of beyound our remit though).

Copyright/Previously Published Work

We recommend to guest-editors that we only accept work for anthologies that does not appear anywhere else online.

This is merely because we use print on demand providers to produce the books and some of those providers are concerned about piracy and have algorithms that crawl the internet trying to track down if anyone is using their print on demand service for piracy. They then sometimes pull a whole book no questions asked and it can be an effort to restore it.

If your piece is online anywhere then it would help us if you would fill in the non-exclusive agreement below saying that we have permission to use this work. Depending on which print on demand provider we use for the book, it may or may not work but it's a start towards us being able to prove to them that the work that their algorithm found elsewhere online did not constitute our piracy of it. The agreement doesn't do any more that say you've given us permission:

For Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities anthologies:
DW Cities Non-Exclusive Agreement

At the very least, it might be a good idea to give us a list of links to places where your piece for the anthology is online.

Also no lyrics or anything like (things that can get us sued) can be included in your piece of writing. Y'know the usual permissons apply in that regard.

Formatting Guidelines

Formatting – General

  • Each chapter, section or individual poem MUST end with a proper page-break. Please DO NOT just press the enter key until another page appears as this will not work for typesetting.
  • Please remove all footers, running headers and page numbers.
  • Please make the first page of the document the first page of the text and don’t add the title, author, bio or anything in. We add the front matter in during the typesetting process.
  • Use up to a 12pt typeface/font preferably Times New Roman or a serif equivalent.
  • Please remove any contents page as that will be added in later.
  • If you have a particularly complicated layout (poetry or prose) you might want to use the DW Word template (see list of useful files at the end of this guide) to ensure that your line-breaks satisfy our margin size. This will only be a guide and any difficulties will have to ironed out during the typesetting process. You’ll need to set the type in Times New Roman (11pt) to most closely approximate the font-size and style of the finished typeset book.
  • Text written over other text or redacted or strikethrough text or text that has been collaged can probably only appear if you send it in a black and white, high-resolution (minimum 300dpi) JPEG. Each piece will also have to be sent in a portrait and NOT a landscape orientation.