DW Cities - Info for Guest-Editors

This is info for guest-editors. It's kind of guidance born from our experiences working with the first few anthologies.

First off, please refer writers who are interested or who have submitted to the anthology to the Info for Writers page - all info on formatting, contributors copies, copyright, etc is there.

Selection of Work

The selection is again, by and large, up to you as a guest-editor. If we don't feel comfortable publishing a piece for any reason then we'll let you know and the writer in question would be offered the chance to maybe submit another piece. This isn't likely to happen but sometimes we come across a story or poem that we don't feel comfortable publishing for a variety of reasons (it's very rare though).

Experimental poetry work/experimentally laid-out prose is fine but can we keep it to a minimum per anthology as it is sometimes very taxing for us to typeset in a hurry. The same goes for work with imagery. Oh and no colour text or colour imagery is possible.

How many Contributors?

Some Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities books have had lots (like 30 in one case), others have just had a few (4-6). It doesn't matter to us but beyond 30 can be a problem as it puts up the cost of the books and it's quite difficult for us to find time to typeset such a large book.

Sending the Work to Dostoyevsky Wannabe

This might seem like a small thing but it's extremely important to us being able to typeset these books. Basically we need:

  • Each contributor whether poem or prose in a single Word document of their own with page-breaks (rather than trailing return marks) between either piece of prose or each poem and with the Word doc named after each contributor.
  • Any images need to be 300dpi and can be put in a folder named after the contributor too.
  • A list of contents in a separate Word doc but only to tell us the preferred order.
  • All bios in one separate Word doc.

Launch Events/Timescales

We hope you have a launch event (large or small) to launch the book. The original idea was to launch the books with reading events. If this isn't something you feel you can't arrange, particularly if it's for reasons of cost, etc, then please just don't worry about it.

If you do want to have an event and want to sell books at the event then we're afraid that, like contributor copies, we can't provide them and the best option would be to buy a few from Amazon where they will be priced at the most inexpensive cost-price possible (this will go up or down depending upon page count and how many contributors you have of course) and sell them for a mark-up similar to what such an anthology goes for in a shop. It's up to you how you price it though, it's your event. We'd be more than happy for you to price it to cover your costs as a guest-editor but would hope that if money was made then some of it went to contributors for reading or in some way (again, that bit is all up to you as guest-editors and we don't get involved with it).

If possible can you NOT arrange events until the book is available for sale. This means less of a rush for all of us. Sometimes, say if a particular venue is desired and needs booking, then please get in touch around three months advance with a date and we'll see if we can accomodate it (we often can). We can't responsible for any lost deposits that fall through or charges incurred by anything to do with events. The event is totally yours to organise and to benefit from.

If you had a tentative date agreed with us and then find you can't do it then please let us know, and we will do likewise. We're all working for free here and life gets in the way sometimes.