Dostoyevsky Wannabe Design

Dostoyevsky Wannabe is perhaps best known for "publishing" but before the publishing came the design.

Colour proofs for an interior layout.

Print Design

Dostoyevsky Wannabe are experienced in print design (image-making, book cover design, poster design - offline and off - and typesettting). We have undertaken design work for a growing number of clients in recent years, not to mention our work on over 50 books for our own "publishing" experiment. We are skilled at working with both the limitations of print on demand and with more bespoke and conventional print services and larger print runs, both digital and offset-litho. We are able to create moving image work for social-media too.

Typographically we can set straight blocks of prose in a variety of formats from straightforward fictional prose to gridded designs and we have a wide experience of dealing with experimental type designs (for poetry and prose poetry), not to mention the setting of academic text, printed directories, etc. We can be commissioned to design either a whole book or just a part of it (i.e. we can quote for typesetting and/or cover-design). We also have experience of creating catalogues for the art market.

We are open to take orders for book-cover design, poster design, and book typography. If you would like us to quote you a price for your project please email design at dostoyevsky wannabe dot com

Web Design and Web Development

Frontend Design

We're able to work with you throughout your project from rough lo-fidelity wireframes sketched on the back of a envelope to the generation of high-fidelity prototypes, all the way up to fully working, fully designed websites utilising all frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Equally, we can engaged to help with just a part of your frontend design.


We utilise PHP Laravel to work on the backend (although we also have experience with bespoke Wordpress theme design). We can provide consultation on existing legacy database structures and can work with you to create bespoke database schemas using the SQL language for your site or app.


We have experience of preprocessors and build tools such as SASS, Gulp, Webpack, Laravel Mix (and more, there are a lot) to help speed up development. We can also implement your site by way of the BEM methodology which will make is easier to maintain for either yourself or for any future developers of your website.

Admin Interfaces

If you have no development skills at all, we can also craft bespoke admin interfaces so that you can keep your site up to date beyond our involvement.

UX Design/Consultancy

After many years of utilising Agile strategies to project-manage Dostoyevsky Wannabe, we have recently started to offer a full UX experience for our clients. We can offer an initial discovery process based in design-thinking (generation of user personas, story-mapping, etc), an ideation process to quickly generate a range of possibilities to take forward to implementation, and finally we can stay with you throughout the beta-stages of your project (AKA the stage beyond the initial launch of your project) to help to continually refine and improve your product.

Additionally, we can offer this service in a modular fashion (as tailored add-ons) should you wish.

An indie with a small 'i' mentality

Whilst we are experienced in Agile processes and whilst we are, in fact, believers in their efficacy, our indie/DIY background ensures that we also have a commitment to communicate these strategies in a clear, plainly-spoken manner. If you engage our services you won't be drowning in jargon (UX, web development, web design, and print design too can sometimes be filled with professional terminology), not unless you want to be of course.

A design for a poster for the first Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities event at Rough Trade in Bristol, 2018.

The title page for Turner Prize nominated artist Dexter Dalwood's What Is Really Happening, 2019.

The cover of Issue 11 of the Cambridge Literary Review designed by Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018.

Ailsa MacClaggan of Living Room Dance Club stood in Vinyl Exchange, Manchester holding a poster designed by Dostoyevsky Wannabe for her International Women's Day Special DJ set at Common Bar, Manchester.