Colour Me In
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The Book

Colour Me In: Outsider Groups and Pop's Collective Unconscious takes its name from a song by avant-pop band Broadcast.

The book delves into pop's collective unconscious from the 1960s to the 1990s and back again in a determinedly sideways and non-linear fashion. An idiosyncratic attempt to tell multiple stories, to leave others abandoned, to unveil a diverse range of outsider pop groups and musics whilst all the time touching on an array of unconscious pop archetypes: the science of hairspray, the importance of man-made fibers to the 20th century, Gidget, go-go dancing, the international pop undergrounds of Olympia and Glasgow. In short, anything that might bubble up from pop's collective unconscious.

The Author

The Dostoyevsky Wannabe co-founders bring you the first Dostoyevsky Wannabe non-fiction title.The book comes with its own Beat Club blog which the authors hope to use to show the progress of the book as they research it. 


ISBN: 978-1986201964
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches
Cat No: DW-403