The Anthology

“The ladies and gentlemen in this book are lost in translation. Some of them are recognized outranspians (since I recognized them). If oulipians are ‘les rats qui construisent le labyrinthe dont ils se proposent de sortir,’ the works that comprise this book, the writers that generated them ‘sont perdus dans Babel sans idée d'en sortir.’ A decisive and entertaining way of tilting at the windmills of a number of different languages.”

– Paul Fournel

This collection approaches the theme of interacting/interactions with language(s) that, across the contributors who are French speakers, English speakers, English/French speakers, has developed in myriad diverging ways. Impossible translation, engine translation, dictionary work, 'resistant reading'; text as physical medium. Also artistic discourse on language itself, what it's for, what it does; how it forms us, how it perhaps constrains us. As too interactions with it in life and everyday settings, how it might get in the way, or fall apart, help or hinder. With, among the contributors, writers of prose, essay, poetry alongside conceptual artists, as too members of the Oulipo and Outranspo, DW Paris is a diverse showcase of Paris-centred experimental and innovative literature in 2019.

"Paris est tout à fait excitant et original : il explore des voies et fait entendre des voix nouvelles et inattendues."

– Marcel Bénabou

Guest Editor(s), Contributors

DW Cities Paris is edited by Andrew Hodgson and features:

Craig Dworkin, Lauren Elkin, Gaia Di Lorenzo, Olivier Salon & Chris Clarke, Yelena Moskovich, Camille Bloomfield, Stewart Home, Amalie Brandt, Ian Monk, Andrew Gallix, Eric Giraudet De Boudemange, Andrew Hodgson, Philipp Timischl.

Andrew Robert Hodgson is author of the novel Reperfusion (2012), the novelesque Mnemic Symbols (2019) and monograph The Post-War Experimental Novel (2019). He is translator from the French of Roland Topor’s Head-to-toe portrait of Suzanne (2018) and from the Danish, Carl Julius Salomonsen’s Modern forms of art and contagious mental illness (2018). He tweets at @andhodgson

Pages: 152
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch
ISBN: 5 x 8
Cat No: DW-004-61
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities
Publishing Model: Open Source