The Anthology

“Each piece in this book is the result of a collaboration between two or more writers. These are collaborations devised in isolation, inhabiting a ‘Glasgow of the mind’. Even before the pandemic, this was a hope that we held for the anthology. To our minds, collaboration is at the heart of what makes Glasgow unique—as the signs say, People Make Glasgow. And we tried to be as broad as we could when considering who ‘counts’ as a Glaswegian poet, asking for submissions from anyone who felt they had a connection with the city. 

It has been a pleasure to edit this book during a time in which we couldn’t touch or meet, and especially so when the contributions on display here engage the abundance of Glasgow’s experiments with form, with intimacy and, above all, with the reflective and generous strengths of collaboration.”

Ruthie, Colin and Tommy (Editors)

Guest Editor(s), Contributors

Glasgow is edited by Ruthie Kennedy, Colin Herd, Tommy Pearson and features:

The book features a cast of thousands (not quite) but each poem sequence is collaborative so quite a few folks in there. 

Pages: 414
Dimensions: B-Format
ISBN: 979-8423762728
Cat No: DW-004-106
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities
Publishing Model: Open Source