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So they gave us an impossible deadline, and then they gave us another (and in the end they had to finish off the cover-design, typesetting, contents page, and bios off themselves), but what they mostly gave us was all of the hyperactive, pizza-driven, jajajajaja (is that how it goes?) energy that we've come to know and love from Berfrois and Queen Mob's Teahouse. 
Vikki and Rich, Dostoyevsky Wannabe

I can’t tell you how often I say to people, Do you know about Berfrois? An indispensable site of smarts, laughs, and letters that spawned this book. It’s silly. It’s serious. It’ll get you through our deadly, absurdist age. Read it!
- Dana Levin, author of Banana Palace (Copper Canyon Press)

The best art makes you feel uncertain about whether you’re standing in a street, on a lake, or inside a musical note. It shoulders you off of your favourite spots and into more otherworldly spaces of precipitousness. The wonderfully disconcerting work in Berfrois: The Book unsettles you like dislocation is part of its mission. Each of these exceptional authors offers a new opportunity for surprise and doubt, relocating from page to page. It’s only when you’re at the end of the book and on the flip side of things that you realise just how far The Book has taken you. 
Adrian Matejka, author of Map to the Stars (Penguin)

New writing from Berfrois authors on lesbian relatives, drone lyfe, washing machines, looking at radishes from below, paywalled versus viral poems, rotting whirlpools and the horrors emerging from the thawing arctic. Fiction, poetry, essays, interviews and everything in between. Essential.
Isabel Waidner, author of We Are Made of Diamond Stuff (Dostoyevsky Wannabe)

Guest Editor, Contributors

This book was edited by Russell Bennetts and starring in its pages are:

Hawa Allan, Melissa Benn, Russell Bennetts, Daniel Bosch, Shane Jesse Christmass, Andrea Cohen, Eli S. Evans, Jeremy Fernando, Drew Gardner, Gregory Giles, Amy Glynn, Jack Hanson, j/j hastain, Juliet Jacques, Matthew Jakubowski, Kirsten Kaschock, Lital Khaikin, Jennifer L. Knox, E. J. Koh, Janice Lee, Eric D. Lehman, Joe Linker, Nyla Matuk, Sharon Mesmer, Teresa K. Miller, Astra Papachristodoulou, Marsha Pomerantz, Robin Richardson, Sumana Roy’s, Legacy Russell, Michael Schmidt, Jessica Sequeira, Ed Simon, Scherezade Siobhan, Justin Erik Halldór Smith, Maggie Smith, Joseph Spece, Laurie Stone, Melissa Studdard, Elias Tezapsidis and Eley Williams.

Cover design and finishing touches on the typesetting by Shuwei Bennetts and Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Cover photo of Julia Frakes by Kathryn LeSoine. 

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