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Submissions have re-opened now until November 2019. Please see below for details.

A selection of titles from the first few years of Dostoyevsky Wannabe

What we're looking for?

Poetry Submissions

In this reading period, poetry submissions are under the control of our contributing-editor Maria Sledmere. Maria has put out a call for the kind of poetry that she's interested in reading here so if you think you have something that she may be interested in then please submit to the address on that page.


What do we look to publish at Dostoyevsky Wannabe? We've always stated that we publish either books that are good, books that are bad (in a good way) or just books that seem cool to us and this hasn't changed. The only difference in this second phase of Dostoyevsky Wannabe is that we can't publish quite so many.

If you're looking for a clue as to the types of books that we would like to publish more of, then this can perhaps be divined from the introduction to Isabel Waidner's Liberating the Canon (reprinted online at 3:AM Magazine).

If you don't feel like you fit into that kind of profile, please still send your best work as there's no reason that we won't still potentially be interested in what you have to offer.

How to Submit

Apologies that we're getting all borderline curmugeonly and strict about this but the volume of submissions that we typically receive quickly fill our inbox and it's really hard to see your submission in a big list of emails if your submission email isn't sent in the following manner:

Please add Submission to Dostoyevsky Wannabe in the subject of the email.

In the body of the email please add the following:

Book Title (this can be provisional)

Your Name (an easy one).

A Short Bio (one or two paragraphs)

Your Twitter or Facebook or Instagram (or whatever social-media thingies you are on, if any. We don't need some exhaustive list)

Which Dostoyevsky Wannabe imprint you are submitting to (i.e. which option out of the two of our 'classic' publishing models you want to take up. Please check out Option 1 and Option 2 under the Classic DW Publishing Model heading. Please note, we need to know this upfront these days and any agreed book will have to be bound by this decision at submission. Don't worry though it doesn't influence our decisions as to which books we choose to work on (we just wouldn't keep Option 1 open if we felt that way).

Please offer a short description of the book (one paragraph).

Please tell us where you first came across Dostoyevsky Wannabe (one sentence/paragraph).

Beyond that feel free to pitch away however you wish if you're an author who likes to enthusiastically pitch their book. We don't mind either way. All authors are different and we're not more or less persuaded by pitches. Often we don't even know what we like and what we want to work on ourselves until we see it so it's probably not worth wasting your time second-guessing us too much.

Finally please send your manuscript, along with the rest of this email, to: SubmitDW at Gmail dot com..


Please read the few paragraphs below. We're sorry to moan and we do have every sympathy with writers, especially given all the different guidelines thrown at you by different publishers when all you're trying to do is submit your book. That said, we do have to insist on a few things. Please just follow the guidelines above but also there's also a high chance that we won't be able to properly consider your submission if you don't take note of the few little things listed in the paragraphs below (again sorry to be difficult but it's tricky at our end too).

For anyone sending us ideas for books but no full manuscripts, even if we've had vague discussions with you previously, we have no time to respond to anything other than finished manuscripts nowadays, for various reasons. Note that the initial manuscripts don't need to follow our formatting guidelines, that can be worked on if we accept the manuscript.

Similarly, please don't pitch/submit things to us on social-media or submit via social-media inbox, there's a high chance we won't see it and, even if we do see it, it actually throws our delicate submissions system off and things are likely to be forgotten.

Please don't spam every Dostoyevsky Wannabe email address that you can find in an aggressive manner (hardly anyone does this but the odd person has and it won't increase your chances of us seeing it). We split up our email addresses to make it easier for us to see submissions believe it or not. Emailing us everywhere will just look like spam.

Apart from those few small things, we look forward to reading your submissions and thanks for considering us worthy enough to receive them!

Recent Submissions

Despite our submissions window being closed, one or two people have submitted things/made enquiries in the period since November 2018, please re-submit if this is you.

A Note On Rejections

Rejections are horrible, everyone thinks so. If we reject your book then please don't take our word as the final word and do continue to send your book around to other publishers. There are many reasons that we might choose to reject a book. We might not be into it (which is merely a subjective thing) or we might not feel that we have the time to work on it relative to other books. We're committing to publish fewer books in the future (although still quite a few) and we can only commit to books that we really feel up for working on. If we don't want to work on your book with you, it's not because we think it's no good, in fact we don't really feel qualified to judge things good or bad (which is also why we don't offer feedback).

What We Are Not Interested in Publishing

We thought this went without saying given the titles that we have already published but just so you know, we are not interested in publishing works that are racist, homophobic, transphobic, misognyistic or ableist and nor do we wish to engage with people who hold any such opinions.

Which imprints and publishing models are open for submission in the current window?

Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals and Dostoyevsky Wannabe Experiments are open for submission in this window until November 2019 and a further reading window will follow that before we decide which submissions we're into publishing.

Dostoyevsky Wannabe X are not open now and neither are we open to more suggestions for Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities at the present time.

Only the classic publishing model is open at this point. The tailored publishing model is not developed at present.

Unsolicited Submissions

In the first five years, we tended to run a regularly open submission policy that never closed because...well because that was what phase 1 of Dostoyevsky Wannabe was all about, we were cramming in book after book during the experiment of phase 1, it was part of it. Now we're in phase 2 and we've not lost any of our commitment to unsolicited submissions as we believe in the openness that they afford. What we have lost is our appetite for is a regular, never-closing window of submissions as that was unmanageable in the long-term.

Solicited Submissions

Yeah sure. These happen sometimes. It's all good.