Materials / Talking

Some pea soup, a bread roll, and just enough creative spark...

Interview with Tom Johnson founder of our new favourite music magazine GoldFlakePaint.

Materials / Looking

"My Friends and I lived in an all-analog world..."

Materials talk to Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Damon and Naomi) about his recent book Ways of Hearing.

Materials / Listening

Mixtape: The Judy

Judy is a surfer. Judy is a punk. Judy is a teenage rebel. Judy is your best friend. Judy is your girlfriend. Judy is the future.

Materials / Doing

Do Something

Design involves arranging materials in various ways for various reasons and that involves 'Doing' things.

Materials / Looking

Over here. Look!

Looking is a good thing to do sometimes. For instance, look at this Sainsbury's Own Brand product design for teabags from the 1960s.

Materials / Listening

Hey listen!

Listening to some things is good sometimes.

Materials / Talking

What are you talking about?

A short introduction to Talking.

Materials / About


A short introduction to Materials.